Teams are the basic unit of every organisation. They are the place where the actual work happens. Their setup will define the well-being of the entire organisation. How the teams are structured, and managed, how they communicate with each other and how their hierarchy reflects the actual shape of the business and software architecture. If done well, teams will be set up for success. If done wrong, they will struggle, people will burn and the organisation will eventually degrade.

Embracing Hierarchy. The Goods and the Bads of Organisational Structures

16 April 2024 by Damian Sosnowski

From natural ecosystems to corporate banks, hierarchy is a crucial element of a successful system. Good hierarchy makes the organisation resilient and adaptable. Bad will drive it into oblivion. Smart leaders should embrace the hierarchy and be able to shape it proactively. Let’s dive deep into the topic of what is a hierarchy, how it shapes the organisation and how it can harm it when things go wrong.

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