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Collection of my musings, opinions and random thoughts related to engineering management … or not. Something to tease your brain and maybe even plant an interesting idea in your head.


Teams are the basic unit of every organisation. They are the place where the actual work happens. Their setup will define the well-being of the entire organisation. How the teams are structured, and managed, how they communicate with each other and how their hierarchy reflects the actual shape of the business and software architecture. If done well, teams will be set up for success. If done wrong, they will struggle, people will burn and the organisation will eventually degrade.


Managing people is perhaps the most important and the same time most difficult part of an engineering leader's job. Technology is deterministic, there are runbooks and good practices that can be applied to various situations. People are different. More chaotic, driven by emotions and unique in their diversity of backgrounds. And yet, your job is to manage them and help them improve and grow. Make them proud of the work they do and make them feel like a part of something bigger. Articles in this category will help you do that :)


Being a Leader is not just about holding a position of power. It’s about the ability to inspire and motivate people towards achieving common goals. Effective leadership will require you to not only be a skilful manager but also a guide and a mentor who helps your people grow.


Being a manager is not easy. However, having good tools can help. #HowTos is a compilation of practical guides and runbooks that are designed to help managers in dealing with common challenges. The content is down-to-earth, pragmatic and based on many years of leadership experience. Something that I wish I had when I began my managerial journey.